Manufacturing solutions

Sherman manufacturing solutions cover a wide spectrum of services from initial design, through to painting and assembly as well as testing and inspection. Whether you need small volume specialized manufacturing, or large scale production, Sherman has the infrastructure, machinery, technology and know how to handle it. Sherman is capable of manufacturing in a range of materials including: ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics. 


Engineering & Design

Design, engineering and manufacturing of precise enclosures for electronic systems from metal and plastics that meet the highest standards.

Punching & Laser Cutting

Accurate manufacturing of parts using a high range of punching tools for cost reduction as well and laser cutting techniques to ensure minimal waste.

Scraping & Polishing

Automated scraping and polishing process in order to produce a variety of product finishes from coarse and textured, through to mirror like finishes.


Bending of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and more to exacting standards, including tube bending, sheets and other profiles.

Robotic Welding

High volume automated welding using robotics that ensure absolute consistency and reduce overall production costs.

Hand Welding

Precise hand welding of parts by certified welders to meet specific requirements. This includes gas, arc, MIG and TIG welding.

CNC Machining

Advanced automated component machining including turning, milling, routing and grinding available for a range of materials.


Application of specialized coatings, such Alodine for aluminum products. For coatings such as galvanizing, nickel plating and more, we utilize our specialist partners.

Silk Printing & Shielding

Through our network of skilled printers and silk screeners, adding graphics or text such as logos, instructions, warnings, etc to almost any surface is possible.

Mechanical Assembly

Complete and comprehensive mechanical assembly of components, including the manufacture of dedicated jigs for consistent quality and accuracy especially for riveting jobs.

Clinching (Press-Joining)

Specialized precision joining of components without the need for additional fasteners, punching, drilling or welding. Our expertise in this area reduces costs and production time.

Plastics Injection Molding &Vacuum Forming

A range of plastic component manufacturing solutions using injection molding and vacuum forming through our global network of strategic partners.

Precision Masking

Custom masking for fast and efficient painting and powder coating processes, thereby reducing time and overall finishes.

Robotic Painting

Automatic robot driven painting including powder and wet paint for flawless and consistent finishes and for continuous output and cost effectiveness.

Hand Painting

Talented and skilled artisans that are able to apply professional painted finishes where regular and automated process are not feasible.


Design and implementation of wiring solutions and harnesses from basic to complex for all types of applications.


Extensive testing and QA of finished products before shipping to the client. With electrical products this also includes building custom testing stations so that each product is thoroughly tested to meet the required standards.


Comprehensive quality control and inspection of all processes in the production, from start to finish according to predefined criteria to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

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