About us

Founded more than 40 years ago by Iulian Sherman, as a small electronic packaging business, Sherman quickly gained a reputation for its quality and service and began to emerge as a leader in the local Israeli market. Sherman paid close attention to its clients and their needs and began expanding its offerings. Over time, Sherman developed services and skills in order to manage the entire product life-cycle as well as build a global network of business partnerships in order to offer its clients a complete end-to-end solution.

Today, Sherman is a leading, preferred and trusted integrated manufacturing services company with a variety of ISO certifications that serves clients from a wide variety of fields. From product conception, design, engineering and prototyping, right through to manufacturing, assembly, QA and distribution, Sherman tailors custom solutions for every client. The ability for clients to have a single partner who can take ownership of the entire product life-cycle, while continuously adding value, combined with the strong Sherman culture of commitment to quality, service and attention to detail, are the reasons for Sherman’s continuous success and growth.

Some of the key industries that Sherman services:

  •    Medical & Cosmetics
  •    Telecoms & Electronics
  •    EMS
  •    Defense & Aerospace
  •    Printing
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